Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow

The state of our garden has been on my mind for a while. Overgrown weeds, will my Dad’s hedging have a chance to thrive?! Growing up in the wild wesht we cleared a part of the garden one summer,  in the hope we might find some treasure buried from times past. While digging and scraping I wondered whether we would in fact reach Australia! Alas no treasure chests found but a father-children project that resulted in a new entrance to our garden from the road. All the clearing work done during those endless summer days stand the test of time. Finished off by an old gate my father found. He’s always been really good at salvaging and reworking , long before shabby chic was in.

So how do the Dublin weeds compare? Not so well tended to but lessons to be learnt from them. Armed  with my trowel, gloves, shears, shovel and brown bin with the fledgling Irish sun batin’ down, I’m on a mission. I’m all about rekindling my earthy connections these days. Nature is a wonderful teacher and has much wisdom. Aren’t more and more of us getting back to basics, getting back into the outdoors? Our wild garden here in Dublin suburbia reflects the turbulence of the past two years and a few months. When the weeds take hold they take over. They are hard to shift, digging deep under the roots to get all the bits so they won’t return. But the weeds have a habit of returning don’t they. A good gardener tends to his garden, pruning and weeding regularly.

Going through fertility struggles and loss, I lost sight of everything else. It was all consuming. It took me over. I fell deep into that hole of grief and disappointment month after month. It was a long period of winter for me. But winter leads to spring as it does year on year and as it has done  since forever. A conversation with a friend of a friend who recommended her acupuncturist was the turning point. This straight talking lady who burned me with moxa on my various energy lines marked the beginning of the change in my outlook on life! She told me to get out there and live my life regardless. When I cried “we’ve no money to do anything” she said there’s plenty to do out there that  doesn’t cost a penny. And though it took a while for it to register,  several months on I totally realise she was right. I’ve always been an outdoors lover but shut myself off from it. I’m just back from the Wild Atlantic Way where I’ve walked her hills, cycled her old railway line and dipped myself in her freezing waters. I feel revived! I am still a work in progress but she made me see that all was not lost. Yoga and meditation and the simple philosophy of being in tune with nature have been my saviours.

And how is contrary Mary today and her the weeds? Well they are fewer in number than this morning! But my eyes are open to them and the beauty that they conceal when they are untended to.




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